Understanding the difference between co-axial, fixed and collective pitch in RC helicopters

All RC helicopter models have either a coaxial, fixed or collective pitch. If you are new to RC helicopter flying, you may not even know what that means. The pitch of an RC helicopter simply refers to the feature of the rotor blades of a particular model. An RC helicopter with a fixed pitch cannot move its rotor blades about the position of the axis, while an RC helicopter with a collective pitch can. Coaxial RC helicopters will have two rotor blades at the top, so they usually do not have a tail rotor.

There are some major differences between RC helicopters that have a coaxial, fixed or collective pitch. These differences between RC helicopter models can affect the ease of use, performance, and cost and also the availability of certain RC helicopter models.

Coaxial RC Helicopters are the easier ones to fly for beginners because they have simple controls. The two rotor blades spinning also makes this type of RC helicopter more stable, so it is less prone to crashing or spinning out of control.

The main disadvantage of flying an RC helicopter with coaxial rotor blades is that they are not very agile or fast and they also cannot perform very sharp or tight turns. However, this is also what makes them great for newbies to RC helicopter flying, because their slowness provides a very gradual learning curve for users. And they are cheap too, with most entry-level RC helicopter models being coaxial. Just be aware that you cannot perform stunts using a coaxial RC helicopter.

A step up in difficulty is the fixed pitch RC helicopter. These types of RC helicopter can perform a bit more movement than coaxial RC helicopter models. RC helicopters, with a fixed pitch, also come in medium sizes, which allows you to fly this type of RC helicopter outside if you want to.

The hardest RC helicopters to fly are the models with a collective pitch. The angle of the rotor blades of these models can be adjusted, allowing you to make the RC helicopter ascend or descend much faster. They can also do more aerial stunts because they are responsive. If you have a lot of experience flying RC helicopters, then you should get an RC helicopter with a collective pitch.

Understanding the differences between RC helicopter models is important if you want to pick out the best one for yourself. You should also do your research if you want to know all the differences between particular RC helicopters. You can also read reviews online, and there are a lot of them that you can read through. You can click here, to see a list of the top RC helicopter models that you can buy.