How to find the right RC helicopter model

First-time buyers of RC helicopters should know a few things before they go out and purchase their RC helicopters. They should be aware that they have to do a bit of research, before committing to buy a particular RC helicopter.

1. Read online reviews

There are a lot of reviews that you can read online about the prospective RC helicopters you can buy. If you want to read a list of a good top set of RC helicopter models that you can buy, you can click here to see it. Reading reviews of RC helicopters can let you know beforehand, what you should expect when you buy a certain model of RC helicopter. You can check a lot of reviews online to get a heads up on whether or not a particular RC helicopter is worth buying or not.

2. Learn about the different RC helicopter models

You should start learning about the different models of RC helicopters when you are going to buy your first one. Different RC helicopter models will use different kinds of kinds of power sources. There are electric and fuel powered ones, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric powered RC helicopters are light, cheap and you can easily buy them. However, they are not well-suited for outdoor use, and they have a short operational time. Fuel powered RC helicopters should not be used indoors but they can fly longer times, they also cost more.

There are also RC helicopters that have different pitches, which are either fixed or collective. An RC helicopter with a fixed pitch cannot move its rotor blades about its axis, meaning that it cannot quickly change direction or height. RC helicopters with a collective pitch can move the angle of their blades, so they are much agiler and can perform faster movements.

3. Decide what you will need or want for an RC helicopter

Do you need an RC helicopter that has a high amount of maneuverability? Will you be flying your RC helicopter indoors or outdoors? You should figure out what you will need in an RC helicopter, to better determine which kind of RC helicopter you should buy. Some RC helicopters, such as the large-sized models, are great for outdoor use because they are more durable, and they also fly better in strong gusts of winds, while smaller-sized RC helicopters can lose control in a slight breeze, and they must only be used indoors.

If you plan on taking aerial photography shots with your RC helicopter, you could use a quad-rotor RC helicopter, or a multi-rotor one. These RC helicopter models often have features such as cameras, and they are also much easier to control and are more stable too.