A buying guide for your first RC helicopter

Do you want to buy your first RC helicopter? There are a lot of factors to consider when you buy your first one. If you are going to purchase your first RC helicopter, there are some steps you have to take. You will want to know all the details about the RC helicopter you are buying. So you had better look up reviews, you can click here if you want to see the top reviews of the best RC helicopters on the market right now. Aside from doing your research, you can follow this quick guide on how to go about buying your first RC helicopter.

 Choose the right type of model

There are different RC helicopter model types, so you should know each type before you buy one. There are toy helicopters, fixed pitched and collective pitch. Toy helicopters are very simple, so they are very easy to control. They are also quite fragile, so they must only be flown only indoors.

Fixed pitched helicopters will have rotor blades that remain at the same angle. This prevents them from doing some more complex movements, but it also makes them easier to control.

Helicopters with collective pitch will have the ability to do more complex movements. You can do some seriously wicked stunts with an RC helicopter that has a collective pitch. Only more experienced users should use an RC helicopter of this model because it is really difficult to fly.

Read up on the number of channels that you need

The number of channels refers to the number of movements that an RC helicopter can make. There is the pitch, yaw, and throttle for more basic movements. These allow your helicopter to move up down, and side to side. While 4 and 6 channel RC helicopters can descend and ascend more rapidly, perform quicker turns and even fly upside down.

 Select an electric or fuel-powered RC helicopter

Choose the right RC helicopter for yourself. You will, of course, need batteries for an electric-powered RC helicopter, while you will need a type of gas for a fuel-powered one. Fuel-powered RC helicopters are larger, emit exhaust, and are more suited for outside use. Electric-powered RC helicopters have a short flight time and are perfect for indoor flying.

 If you need to, assemble your RC helicopter

Certain helicopter models will come pre-assembled in the box. You should buy a simple model if you want to have your RC helicopter already constructed out of the box.

For more complex models, you will need to assemble it yourself. You should read the manual to learn how to assemble your brand new RC helicopter.